A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island

Intermediate OC1 SBC Sessions

These sessions are for paddlers who have completed an FCRCC OC1 Orientation, who are competent in our C-Lion OC1s, with knowledge of rigging, equipment care, steering and balancing, and who can do the standard 5 Km Time Trial course (Alder Bay ⇔ Science World) in 30-35 minutes.  The goals of these sessions are to work on technical skills, help paddlers build a strong foundation of stroke mechanics and increase paddling performance.

$60 plus GST
Times: 5 Weeks
Monday, 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM
Paddlers must have boats rigged and ready to go by 7:30 PM.
Boat lights are mandatory, as the sessions will take place after Sunset.  Bring your own, please!  A clamp or suction-cup mounted light (for example, these or similar, which are available at local marine stores), or running/biking lights fastened to your PFD, are acceptable.
Dates: Currently, no scheduled sessions


  • FCRCC Member (Individual or a Dragon Boat Team Member)
  • OC1 Orientation completed
  • 30 – 35 min 5 Km Time Trial


To register for a session, go to the SBC OC-1 link.


Payment can be made on line by credit card at the time of registration or select the option to pay later and bring your cheque or cash to the FCRCC office.