Small Boats Coaching

The Small Boats Coaching (SBC) program is a series of stroke improvement courses organized by FCRCC, for the benefit of FCRCC members.

The program runs throughout the year and covers all types of small boats – e.g., OC1, V1 (Rudderless OC1), K1, and others. The courses offered are in part subject to demand, in part to availability of coaches.

Specific courses will be announced on the website’s front page (under News). Cost is set as needed to break even. The length of most courses is typically 4 – 5 sessions, once per week. The maximum class size depends on the subject focus, and on the Coach’s plans.

SBCs fall into three categories:

  1. Novice introduces the equipment and the basic biomechanics of strong forward motion.
  2. Technical introduces maneuvering and balance skills as cross disciplinary tools for self evaluation. Veteran paddlers of a single discipline will often find that bad habits die hard, so a technical course will identify those habits and provide correctional drills.
  3. Group Training provides coaching tips in a competitive environment for immediate quantitative results. These are the most popular classes – but they require cohesive groups, so participants should know their capabilities (e.g., their 5 Km OC1 Time Trial times) before registering.


Orientation sessions are similar to a Novice SBC, but are in general focussed solely on an introduction to the equipment (for example, OC1s), and basic safety rules when using the equipment. They typically are free, are 1 or 2 sessions each, and usually take place on weekends during the day. After completing a session, taking a Novice SBC is normally the next step.



  • OC1 Orientation sessions occur on a regular basis.  See here for details.

Technical and Group Training

  • OC1 SBCs run through the spring/summer.  There are 4 levels: Introductory, Intermediate, High Performance and Senior:
  • Please send a note to the Club Development Coordinator if you wish to request courses in other disciplines or boat types.

Registration Rules

  • Participants must be Full Members of FCRCC (unless stated otherwise in a course’s description).
  • Registration for SBCs is generally filled first-come, first-serve; if possible, first time participants will be given priority.
  • Only the office keeps the registration list(s).
    • The Club Development Coordinator may ask for expressions of interest, but will not take registration.
  • Registrations will only be accepted at the time full payment is made.
  • Registration is transferable between members of similar ability.
    • You could share a course or sell your spot (but remember that all participants must have abilities suitable for the class).
  • Unless the course is cancelled by the posted cut-off date (if any), no refunds will be available.
    • The Club will make reasonable efforts to re-sell a spot at the request of a participant.