This is a day where all levels of paddlers are welcome, so long as paddlers have either a small boat membership or an all access membership to be able to access the club small boats.

This is a perfect opportunity for new paddlers to go out with an experienced paddler(s) and meet other club members. (Novice paddlers are required to paddle with more experienced paddlers for safety reasons.)

Every session will be different depending on the participants and mentors. Sessions can range from technique and paddle drills, to line work for up-coming Time Trials, to improving V1 or Marathon Canoe skills, to a workout with some friendly competition. Mentorship sessions are an opportunity for members to push each other in a fun and supportive group environment!

Paddlers need to reserve their own boat for these drop-in sessions. The earlier paddlers reserve a boat the better, that way our Mentors know there will be paddlers showing up!