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FCRCC has small boats for our members use …

Solo Outrigger Canoe – OC1

FCRCC offers a variety of high quality OC1 and single boat courses from our ‘Introduction to Solo Outrigger Paddling’ to our ‘High Performance’ series.

These courses are customized for novice to experienced paddlers.

Beginners will need to successfully complete an Intro to OC1 course prior to being granted access.

Experienced paddlers will need to successfully demonstrate a huli recovery and have a shed orientation.

Our OC1 fleet includes 6 C-Lions and 6 Allwave Mitos.


Surfskis are fast and fun. Designed for paddling in open water, surfskis come alive while riding waves. FCRCC has a range of surfskis, from stable to challenging. We offer Spring, Summer and Fall sessions for beginner and experienced surfski paddlers.

Beginner sessions focus on paddling technique, balance, fitness, and remounts. We start in the sheltered waters of Alder Bay, and as the sessions progress, move on to paddling in False Creek.

Advanced sessions usually paddle in English Bay, working on catching waves, while continuing to refine technique and improve fitness.

Both Beginner and Advanced programs run weekly on Sundays.

Marathon Canoe

FCRCC has five C-2 marathon training canoes. Marathon Canoeing is a racing discipline that can include 1-, 2-,3- and 6-person light Kevlar or Graphite material canoes. Races are generally 2 hours plus, with many race opportunities available throughout BC.

This discipline is an excellent way to learn how to steer, understand the water and its effect on your boat, and train longer distances with less impact on joints.

Orientation and learn-to sessions are available for all members by request to our [programmer Here use the same term as is on the website, etc.].

To use our C-2 marathon canoe, find another paddler who is a club member and consider using a different boat design to improve your overall paddling skills!

Sprint Canoe & Kayak

Olympic Sprint Canoe and Kayak continues to be a growing sport at the club. As a member of CanoeKayakBC (Provincial Sport Organization) and CanoeKayakCanada (National Sport Organization), our club offers a variety of ways to get involved with the sport, whether recreationally or competitively, for adults and youth of all ages and abilities.

Our highly certified coaching staff focuses on creating opportunities for paddlers in a supportive and fun learning environment.