Solo Outrigger Canoe (OC1)


An OC1 is an excellent cross training canoe as it can provide immediate feedback on how the paddler is paddling. This Outrigger Canoe has 1 person in it, giving it the name of an OC1. It’s also a great way to learn technique on your own time and allow for some experimentation, compared to being in a crew boat such as a Dragon Boat or an OC6 (6 person outrigger canoe) where every paddler has to do the exact same thing to blend.

Having the freedom to paddle around beautiful False Creek on the water is a unique experience day or night that many people do not get the chance to see, and a great form of fun exercise as well!

Our OC1 fleet includes 9 C-Lions and 5 Allwave Mitos , and 1 Teva Nui (V1).

Using FCRCC OC1s

Members with Small Boat Access or All Boat Access have unlimited access to our solo outrigger canoes (OC1).

Beginners will need to successfully complete an OC1 Introduction course prior to being granted access.

Experienced paddlers will need to successfully demonstrate a huli recovery and have a shed orientation.

FCRCC uses an online canoe booking system to reserve canoes.  This ensures that paddlers actually have a canoe when they arrive at the club.

Outrigger Canoe (OC1) Clinics and Programs

FCRCC offers a variety of high quality OC1 and V1 courses from Introduction to High Performance.

The courses below are customized for novice to experienced paddlers.

Check back often to see what’s being offered, new programs and clinics will be added throughout the year or get on our mailing list and have it delivered to your inbox.

Some of the OC1 Courses and Clinics offered at FCRCC

OC1 Introduction

This course is for new paddlers 18 years or older with no or very little solo outrigger experience wanting to get on the water to learn the basics in a fun and supportive small group environment in beautiful False Creek.

Paddlers will be provided with all necessary equipment and a qualified coach for all sessions.

This course is held once a month from March to October once a week for three weeks.

No membership required

OC1 Foundations

This course is for paddlers who have a bit of experience from either the OC1 Introduction course (a good pre-curser), or newer paddlers who are still learning how to paddle in an OC1 coming from another paddling discipline.

Paddlers will get a deeper understanding of paddle techniques that build on the stroke and body mechanics learned in the OC1 Introduction course. This will result in a faster, more smoother running canoe, and completing a fun mini-regatta at the end of the course!

Paddlers will be provided all the necessary equipment and a qualified coach(s) for all sessions.

This Course is held once every 3 months from March to November, but newer paddlers wanting to join from the OC1 Introduction course mid-way through this course are welcome! This course runs once a week for three months.

OC1 Intermediate: Continuing to build skills

This course is for intermediate paddlers including those who have successfully completed the OC1 Foundations course, who are looking for more personalized coaching to hone their skills.

The focus of this course will be to integrate workouts focusing on key paddling aspects and learning how to train in a group so that everyone benefits from the workout.

Paddlers will be provided all the necessary equipment, if paddlers do not have their own personal equipment, and a qualified coach(s) for all sessions.

Caring for your Canoe: OC1 Maintenance

One of  FCRCC’s equipment and repairs team member will be holding a 1.5-hour session to show the basics of OC-1 maintenance and answer any questions.

Our Equipment and Repairs team is extremely dedicated, skillful and willing to share their knowledge about caring for canoes. COVID-19 has seen an uptake in the purchase of canoes and with that comes the responsibility to take care of your shiny, new and slightly expensive boat.

The session will be held at the FCRCC Burrard Compound, weather permitting. If the weather is not co-operating, an alternate location will be announced.

No membership required

OC1 High Performance Sessions

These sessions are for paddlers who have completed an FCRCC OC1 orientation, and who are competent in our C-Lion OC1s, with knowledge of rigging, equipment care, steering and balancing, and who can do the standard 5 Km Time Trial course (Alder Bay ⇔ Science World) in less than 30 minutes.

The goals of this course is to work on technical skills, help paddlers build a strong foundation of stroke mechanics and increase paddling performance. This training group will learn how to push each other in an encouraging way and learn how to train within a dynamic group environment.

Sessions may include rough water paddling, paddling in waves, focusing on specific upcoming races ie. Distance and/or Sprints, etc.

Saturday Mentorship Drop-In Sessions

This is a day where all levels of paddlers are welcome, so long as paddlers have either a small boat membership or an all access membership to be able to access the club small boats.

This is a perfect opportunity for new paddlers to go out with an experienced paddler(s) and meet other club members. (Novice paddlers are required to paddle with more experienced paddlers for safety reasons.)

Every session will be different depending on the participants and mentors. Sessions can range from technique and paddle drills, to line work for up-coming Time Trials, to improving V1 or Marathon Canoe skills, to a workout with some friendly competition. Mentorship sessions are an opportunity for members to push each other in a fun and supportive group environment!

Paddlers need to reserve their own boat for these drop-in sessions. The earlier paddlers reserve a boat the better, that way our Mentors know there will be paddlers showing up!

V1 Introduction

A V1 is a rudderless and more traditional form of OC1 originating in Polynesia and gaining popularity in Canada for both sprint and distance racing. It is the only kind of solo canoe raced in International Va’a Association World Championships. It is also the canoe used in the Paralympic Games.

In this course, learn the basics of paddling this dynamic canoe from one of or talented FCRCC V1 paddlers!  No prior V1 experience necessary. However, participants must be comfortable paddling an OC-1 on both sides in any conditions that may occur within False Creek and have the experience to keep a level head in potentially busy waters, even without a rudder. Paddlers must also be able to recover from a huli (capsize) without assistance.

Paddlers will be provided all the necessary equipment and a qualified coach(s) for all sessions. If you have your own V1, awesome! If not, we will be using OC1 CLions, but taking the rudder out for learning.

V1 Intermediate/Advanced

Paddlers in this course are expected to have a base knowledge of paddling in a V1 prior to registering for this course. A good pre-cursor is the V1 Introduction course.

This course will build upon the basics and stroke techniques taught in the V1 Introduction course, and will be taught by one of our expert coaches who have competed and trained Nationally and Internationally at a high level.

If you would like to learn something specific that is not offered, or are interested in a private group coached session please contact our Programs Coordinator.

We are more than happy to hear from you!


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