Youth Sprint Canoe and Kayak Racing at FCRCC

We offer Spring and Summer Camps as well as racing programs for kids and youth.

We have many exciting Youth paddling options to help keep your kids active! Our youth paddling programs are structured based off the nationwide Canadian Sport For Life Long-Term Athlete Development model, and more specifically, the CanoeKayakCanada LTAD Model. This model is designed to help kids develop optimally through stages, acquiring fundamental skills and progressively building on their technical and physical skills.

Kids can enter our programs many ways depending on how much paddling they want to do! We have Racing programs for those who want to paddle more and do some racing. And we have our Summer Camp programs!

All of our programs are designed to optimize age-appropriate learning and physical developments. Our younger-aged programs are all about setting the right foundations for kids in terms of skills, body coordination, fitness, etc. while having lots of fun. And as they get older, can continue to further refine their abilities, and perhaps train at a more competitive level if they want!

New paddlers are welcome anytime throughout the season!
If you would like to register and not sure where to begin, contact us and introduce yourself! Tell us a bit about your son/daughter and their age, and we’ll help you get started. We look forward to meeting you!

Also contact us if you’re unsure about which group to join, if you have any questions about how to get started or if you’re joining mid-season. We can ensure you have all the latest program details and the prorated program rate.

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New to Paddling?

Drop in on our Saturday Intro Drop-In Sessions from 12pm-2pm to try out sprint paddling and learn more! $15 drop-in fee.

No experience is required to join! Simply contact us if you plan to come out! From there you can continue into one of our regular programs if interested, or just continue dropping in on Saturdays.

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Join the FCRCC Youth Sprint Canoe and Kayak team!

All new paddlers will start off with a few sessions in the Intro program regardless of age.

Our programs run year long (split into Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter sessions) and are for those who want to learn more advanced paddling skills and try out racing.  These racing programs also include summer camp options for the younger age groups!

We have four main paddling groups at False Creek, based on age, level of fitness and paddling skills, and training goals. These follow the Long-Term Athlete Development pathway in the sport of Olympic Sprint Canoe & Kayak.

Group transition is at the coach’s discretion and dependent on the paddler’s age, skill level, and focus.

Youth Programs

Advanced Paddling Fundamentals and Learning to Train (U13, U14)

Advanced Paddling Fundamentals and Learning to Train (U13, U14)

For kids aged U13/U14 (kids who were 12-13 years old on Jan 1st) This program will continue to focus on developing the fundamentals of paddling (e.g., stroke, balance, mileage) along with an introduction into the competitive aspect of Sprint Canoe and Kayak.  Coaches...

High Performance (U16,U17,U18 and up) – Training to Compete

High Performance (U16,U17,U18 and up) – Training to Compete

For kids aged 15 and up (kids who were 15 years old or older on Jan 1st, 2023) New Paddlers please register for our Intro to Paddling – Fundamentals and Foundations program to acquire initial skills and balance. This program will focus on developing advanced canoe and...

From a Pacific Cup regatta in 2013 with two coaches and two athletes, to more than 40 athletes four years later… False Creek are the Pacific Cup Champions!