Full Season Youth Racing Programs

Join the FCRCC Youth Sprint team! These programs run year long (split into Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter sessions) and are for those who want to learn more advanced paddling skills and try out racing.  These racing programs also include summer camp options!

Intro to Paddling – FUNdamentals & Foundations (U10)  (*ages ~8-10)

Advanced Fundamentals – FUNdamentals & Foundations with Introduction to Training (U12)  (*ages ~10-12)

Junior Racing Development – Training to Train (U14)  (*ages ~13-14)

Junior Performance – Learning and Training to Compete (U16+)  (*ages ~15+)

Note: Program Ages here are used as a guideline to represent typical athlete pathway in this sport but is not strict. In the end, coaches will put athletes in training groups most appropriate to their current skill level where they will learn the most and build from there.

1-time Trial:

We encourage you to come out to try out 1 program session for free to learn all about our sport before committing!  

Before coming out, please ensure you:

  • email flatwater@fcrcc.com and introduce yourself (name, age) so that we can setup a time for you to come out.
  • bring to the session a signed waiver form (for club insurance purposes)
  • read the Things to Bring to Practice in the FAQ section below and come to the session prepared (e.g., an extra change of clothes is a must in case you fall into the water)

New Paddlers: 

Please contact flatwater@fcrcc.com about which group to join and how to get started!  Please introduce yourself and provide the name and age of your son/daughter, and we’ll go from there! 

If you are a new paddler who is older than 14 years old, then we’ll typically have you start with the U14 group so that you can first acquire your fundamental skills and balance as there is a bit of a learning curve at the beginning. From there, we would work towards accelerating you into the age appropriate U16 group.

Parent Volunteers:

Our sport, club, and community is all volunteer run! Whether it be fundraising, officiating at a regatta, helping with grants, etc., we need parents to contribute a minimum of 20 hours throughout the busy Spring/Summer season to help the team out. A list of volunteer positions will be posted along with the Spring/Summer registrations.  If you don’t want to volunteer, you can simply pay an additional $100+gst when you register to opt-out.

Regatta Schedule:

(The 2019 regatta season has completed.  A list of events for 2020 will be posted when it is ready)

Full 2019 regatta schedule can be viewed here: 2019 Events By Age Class

Further details can also be viewed on the CanoeKayakBC website.

Events are also listed on each Age Class’ respective google calendar found in the program links above.


Click Here to Register for a Youth Flatwater Racing Program

(see Registration Steps below)

Paddling Schedule:

See above program links for details on schedule and regatta dates.

Fall/Winter Program Cost (Oct 1 – Mar 31, 2020):

  • U10 (under 10 years old on Jan 1st 2020) – $595+gst
  • U12 (10 or 11 years old on Jan 1st 2020) – $595+gst
  • U14 (12 or 13 years old on Jan 1st 2020) – $895+gst
  • U16+ (14 years old or older on Jan 1st 2020) – $995+gst
  • cost will be prorated as needed; new paddlers welcome to join anytime

Spring/Summer Program Cost:

  • U10 (under 10 years old on Jan 1st 2020) – $795+gst
  • U12 (10 or 11 years old on Jan 1st 2020) – $795+gst
  • U14 (12 or 13 years old on Jan 1st 2020) – $895+gst
  • U16+ (14 years old or older on Jan 1st 2020) – $995+gst
  • cost will be prorated as needed; new paddlers welcome to join anytime
  • New paddlers aged 15 and over will join in on the U12/U14 group to start as they learn the basics and develop their balance. Email flatwater@fcrcc.com to inquire about how to get started!

Pricing Options:

  • Family 10% Discount (for siblings only) – Use discount coupon code FAMILYPADDLE if registering multiple participants from the same family to receive a 10% discount. (not valid for Spring Break Camp)
  • (applicable for Spring/Summer registration) Volunteer Opt-Out Add-On – Pay an additional $100+gst if you don’t want to volunteer this season. Simply add on the Youth Flatwater Racing Program No Volunteer Add-On option when you register.

Flexible Payment Options:

  • Pay in Full (at time of checkout) via Credit Card / Visa Debit / MC Debit
  • Pay by Cheque – Bring a cheque with ‘Youth Flatwater – Participant Name(s) written in the memo. Please hand to the coach at practice.
  • Pay Later (within 30 days) – Log back into your online account to pay off your balance at: https://thriva.activenetwork.com/MyAccount/Login.aspx?Action=Logoff&Org=falsecreekracing  Please ensure the balance is paid in full within 30 days.

Registration Steps

  1. Go to:  Youth Flatwater Registration
  2. Either use an existing account if you have one, or choose to register new participants.
  3. Indicate the number of participants you would like to register.
  4. Select the appropriate program option.
  5. Fill out the participant(s) details.
  6. Review the cart.  Submit coupon code FAMILYPADDLE if registering multiple participants from the same family. The code will take a moment to reflect in the cart.
  7. Proceed to checkout.
  8. Upon payment, please save the confirmation for your records.
  9. That’s it!  Can’t wait to see you at the club!  If you are new, please contact flatwater@fcrcc.com and introduce yourself! 🙂 Let us know when you plan on coming out for your first practice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Things to Bring to Practice:

  • running shoes for warmup
  • paddling shoes / sandals for walking around in from boat shed to dock
  • paddling (work out) clothes appropriate for the weather and type of practice (no jeans).  See Cold Weather Paddling Clothing Suggestions below for recommendations on clothing when paddling in colder weather.
  • additional clothes for changing into afterwards
  • a towel
  • water bottle and a snack for afterwards
  • if you are attending a trial session: a signed waiver form (for club insurance purposes)
  • wristwatch (U14 and up athletes – for timing/managing workouts)

Cold Weather Paddling Clothing Suggestions:

  • For the Head: A hat!
  • For the Hands: Neoprene Gloves OR Pogies (preferred)
  • For the Feet: Neoprene Socks (recommend even wearing wool socks underneath for extra warmth)
  • For the Body: Thermal baselayers for the top and bottom. The more layers the better!

This is our first practice, where do we meet?
If this is your first practice, please meet your coach here by the wooden benches.  We’ll head over to the canoe and kayak boat shed where we’ll normally meet before practices:

FCRCC Youth Flatwater meeting location

Can I just sign up for specific months? e.g., just June
Unfortunately, no.  Our paddling program is just like any other sports program; it is designed to progressively develop the paddlers so each week we are building on prior weeks’ skills.  So if you are only signing up for one month, then your kid(s) will not be getting much out of the program.  The fundamental paddling skills for sprint canoe/kayak take time to develop and we want to ensure all of the kids in our program have the opportunity to do so.

Our program is also goal-oriented; our kids will set goals for themselves throughout the season.  They also participate in a lot of fun regattas, allowing them to continually refine their skills and confidence on the water.

Did I read that correctly?  The young kids in the summer program will practice M-F 9-4pm during July-August?
Yes that is correct.  This year, during the summer, we will be integrating all the kids into a camp-style program.  During this same time, we will be running our CanoeKids and Regatta Ready camps.  We did it this way to give the kids in the program more paddling time, and to help the parents out! 🙂

However, in order to be part of the program, it is required that your kid(s) are coming out to practices in the April-June months.  If your kid(s) are unable to make those practices, then they will be asked to join the CanoeKids or Regatta Ready camps instead.  The reason why is because the Full Season program is a progressive, long-term athlete development program and for kids who are interested in competing.  Not for parents just looking for a cheap summer camp option.  Our CanoeKids and Regatta Ready camps are very reasonably priced anyways! 🙂

I can’t make all sessions in the week. Can I still sign up?
Yes definitely. We offer multiple sessions a week and while you are encouraged to attend as many as possible in order to get more practice, you are also welcome to make what you can.

Can I try a session before registering?
Yes definitely. Because the sport is so new to most kids, if you are thinking about registering your kids, but not sure if this program is right for them, I highly encourage you to bring your kids out and try out a session before registering. Just let us know so we know you are coming ahead of time.

What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy is:
– 90% refund of the registration fee if cancelling at least 30 days before the program to cover admin fees.
– less than 30 days is a 75% refund
– less than 14 days, it’s 50%.
– less than 7 days would be 0%.