Pacific Cup Regatta (Sept 27-28, 2014) - Maple Ridge, BC

Advanced Paddling Fundamentals (U12) – Learning to Train

FUNdamentals & Foundations with Introduction to Training (10-12 years)

For kids aged U12 (kids who were 10 or 11 years old on Jan 1st, 2019).  And for kids 12 years and up who are new to paddling!

This program will continue to focus on developing the fundamentals of paddling (e.g., stroke, balance, mileage) along with an introduction into the competitive aspect of Sprint Canoe and Kayak.  Coaches will continue to develop paddlers’ boat skills and balance through workouts, games, balance challenges, and introduce paddlers to land training as it pertains to paddling (e.g., running, stretching, body exercises). During the racing season, paddlers will have the opportunity to attend regattas and compete against other kids in their age category.

For the new 12 and up paddlers, the focus will be on acquiring fundamental skills and balance, and build fitness and speed on the water towards the older aged training groups.


  • have a positive attitude and willingness to listen and learn! 🙂
  • willingness to participate in off-water cross-training activities (e.g., running, body exercises, stretching)
  • fundamental boat skills (3Ps, able to balance in a sprint canoe/kayak, comfortable paddling outside of Alder Bay)

Group Goals

  • enjoy sport and demonstrate sportsmanship and teamwork
  • have great listening skills
  • FUNdamental boat skills – refinement of 3Ps, five phases of stroke, balance and boat control
  • aerobic capacity, agility, flexibility
  • entry-level regattas
Spring/Summer Program (Now – Sept 2019)
  • Practice Schedule:
    • Spring Break Paddling Camp
      • Mar 18-22 @ 9am-4pm
    • Program Break – week of March 25th
    • Now until June:
      • Mon @ 4:30-6pm – Outrigger
      • Tues @ 4:45-6:45pm – Canoe/Kayak
      • Wed @ 4:45-6:45pm – Canoe/Kayak
      • Fri @ 4:45-6:45pm – Canoe/Kayak
      • Saturdays @ 11am-12:30pm – Canoe/Kayak
    • July – August:
      • M-F 9am-4pm – practices will run camp-style over the summer
      • Note: no camp on July 19th and Aug 9th as athletes and coaches will be travelling to Kamloops / Nanaimo for weekend regattas.
    • Sept – TBD