FCRCC Youth Flatwater - Summer 2014

Introduction to Paddling (New Paddlers, U8, U9, U10, U11) – FUNdamentals & Foundations

For kids aged 10 years old or under on Jan 1st 2022 (min. age 7), as well as new paddlers.

This program introduces young paddlers to a variety of paddling disciplines: dragon boat, outrigger, and sprint canoe and kayak, in a fun, safe, and team oriented environment. Our NCCP trained coaches will be teaching the basics of water safety, stroke technique, coordination, and balance in a variety of boats, while engaging the paddlers in a lot of fun games and team focused activities.  The focus here is on developing fundamental movement skills and engaging in developmentally appropriate sport and physical activity.


  • No prior paddling experience required!
  • have a positive attitude and willingness to focus, listen and learn! 🙂
  • have an interest in paddling!
  • be willing to participate in group warmups, workouts, and activities on the water and off

Group Goals

  • enjoy sport and demonstrate sportsmanship and teamwork
  • have great listening skills, build self-confidence
  • develop FUNdamental boat skills, teamboat skills, balance and boat control
  • develop racing experience in fun, low-stress environments
Program Schedule:
Fall Program (Oct 4 – Dec 18, 2021)
  • Thurs @ 4-5:30pm – Canoe/Kayak Paddle
  • Sat @ 12:30-2pm – Canoe/Kayak Paddle + Body weights/Running
  • TBD – cross training activity (e.g., HIVE climbing or other)
Past 2021 details – Winter and Summer 2022 details will be updated in the coming months
Winter Program (Jan 11 – Mar 20, 2020)
  • January:
    • Tues @ 6:30-7:30pm – Swimming @ Templeton Park Pool – we have the entire pool to ourselves
    • Sat @ 1:45-3:30pm – Canoe/Kayak Paddle + Body weights/Running
  •  February and March:
    • Tues @ 4-5:30pm – Canoe/Kayak Paddle
    • Sat @ 1:45-3:30pm – Canoe/Kayak Paddle + Body weights/Running
    • March Break Spring Camp – week of March 15th
    • Note: Program Break – week of March 22nd
Spring/Summer Program (Mar 29 – Sept 18, 2021)
  • April-June
    • Tues @ 4-5:30pm – Canoe/Kayak Paddle
    • Sat @ 1:45-3:30pm – Canoe/Kayak Paddle + Body weights/Running
  • July-Aug
    • Weekday Mornings – Mo, Tu, We, Th @ 9am-noon
  • Sept
    • TBA
  • Plus opportunities to participate in weekend races (schedule and details TBD)
Additional Details: