Pacific Cup Regatta (Sept 27-28, 2014) - U13 Men's C1 - Maple Ridge, BC

Junior Race Development (U14 and U15) – Training to Train

Junior Race Development (13-15 years)

For kids aged U15 (kids who are 13 or 14 years old on Jan 1st, 2020).

This program will continue to teach paddlers about the various elements of training and competition with a focus on developing intermediate canoe and kayak skills and endurance and effective goal setting (both on and off the water).  Paddlers are expected to attend both on-water and off-water practices (i.e., dryland training such as running, body exercises, stretching), and are expected to attend a variety of regattas throughout the racing season.


  • have a positive attitude and willingness to listen and learn! 🙂
  • willingness to participate in weekly dryland training (e.g., running, body exercises, stretches)
  • fundamental boat skills (able to balance in a sprint canoe/kayak, comfortable paddling outside of Alder Bay)

Group Goals

  • enjoy sport and demonstrate sportsmanship and teamwork
  • have great listening skills
  • intermediate boat skills – canoe/kayak skills, balance and boat control
  • aerobic capacity, agility, flexibility, endurance
  • effective goal setting
  • a variety of regattas
  • prep for BC Summer Games 2020
Fall/Winter Program (Sept 27 – Mar 31, 2020)
  • Practice Schedule:
    • Sept 27 until Nov 1:
    • Nov 2 – Dec 20:
    • Jan 3 – Feb 29:
      • Canoe/Kayak Paddling dates TBD
      • Sun @ 9-11am – XC Skiing @ Cypress
      • Tues @ 6-7:30pm – Gym Fitness @ TBD (local school gymnasium)
      • Wed @ 7:30-8:30pm – Group spinning at Cyklus
      • Thurs @ 5-6:30pm – Outrigger (OC6) Paddling
        • **We will also participate in a couple fun Outrigger (OC6) races as a team
      • Friday @ 6-7:30pm – Group strength & conditioning session at the High Performance Training Centre at the Richmond Oval
    • Mar:
      • Practice dates TBD
      • March Break Spring Camp – week of March 16th
Spring/Summer Program (April – Sept 2020)
  • Practice Schedule:
    • Spring Break Paddling Camp
      • Mar 16-20 @ 9am-4pm
    • Week of March 23rd – Program Break
    • April-June:
      • Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri @ 4:30-6:30pm – Canoe/Kayak Paddle
      • Saturdays @ 7-10am – Canoe/Kayak Paddle + Run
        • This is an earlier paddle day to get an opportunity to practice on the water when the boat traffic isn’t busy yet (water is super calm which is good for developing technique).  A group run after the paddle.
    • July – August:
      • M/Tu/Th/F @ 7-11am, 3-5pm – 2 paddles plus strength/cardio
      • Sat @ 7-10am – Canoe/Kayak Paddle + Run
      • (if that weekend has a regatta)
        • Then there will be a Wed @ 4:30-6:30pm paddle INSTEAD of the Sat practice
        • The Fri practice right before the regatta will be a very short paddle followed by mandatory boat trailer loading by the team
      • Notes:
        • No practice on:
          • Monday July 13th as kids will be competing at BC Cup #2 in Burnaby that weekend.
          • Aug 7th as athletes and coaches will be travelling out of town for weekend regatta.
        • On July 23 and 24th, kids who are not attending BC Summer Games will be joining the U12 groups these days.
    • Sept – TBD