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Support our Athletes!

Sprint Canoe and Kayak is a growing sport in BC. At our club, we strive to keep our programs affordable so all youth can participate and be a part of the sport. We are a growing program with over 40 athletes, ages ranging from 6-18. However, training and equipment costs are high; we currently do not have enough equipment or coaches to support our growth.

Please help support the development of Sprint Canoe and Kayak athletes at False Creek. Supporting the principles of Long Term Athlete Development and Canadian Sport for Life, our sprint programs require funding to ensure our paddlers have the proper coaching and equipment to optimize their skill development, training and learning in the sport.

To help out, please visit our Donation page here:
(due to administrative costs from SportBC, we can only accept donation amounts $50 or higher)

Thank you for supporting our athletes!  You will receive a tax receipt for your donation!