A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island

Vaccine Policy for Programs and Teams

FCRCC COVID Policy – UPDATE April 2022

Full Vaccination Requirement for Courses and Programs:

As of April 15, 2022, all registrants over 12 years old, coaches, and volunteers in FCRCC in-person courses or programs are required to show proof of vaccination or to attest, either verbally or in writing, that they are fully vaccinated with “fully” defined as 2 vaccine doses. A course/program is defined as a session or series of sessions that require registration using the CCM (ActiveWorks) online registration system in addition to or instead of Club membership(s). Children under 12 years old who take courses and programs may not be asked for their vaccination status.

Registrants will be notified during course promotions and during online registration that an attestation is required. The leader of the course/program will confirm that all registrants have made their attestation. Anyone unwilling to attest to vaccination may not attend the program.

Full Vaccination Requirement for Team Boats:

As of November 29th, 2021, all adults in team boats must be fully vaccinated. Youth, ages 12-18 , must also be fully vaccinated if they are participating in team boats with adults. Team boats include any boat that is occupied by more than 1 person. Examples include dragon boat, OC-6, OC-4, OC-2, marathon canoe, war canoe, K2, K4, C2 and C4.

As of April 15, 2022, members who will be using team boats (as above) must show proof of vaccination or verbally attest that they are at least double vaccinated.

  • Only members who have attested that they are vaccinated, or who have had their proof of vaccination verified, are permitted to use team boats
  • If new members join a team, they are required to show proof of vaccination or make a verbal attestation to the team captain or designate
  • If a member has a medical condition preventing full vaccination, a doctor’s note may be submitted to the dragon boat representative, outrigger representative or FCRCC administrator

COVID Exposure

If anyone taking an FCRCC course, program or using team boats (as defined above) is directly exposed to a person with an active case of COVID:

  • they must isolate from the course/program/crew boat for a period of 5 days
  • if they have no COVID symptoms at the end of 5 days, they may return to the FCRCC activity


  • Masks are optional, try to maintain physical distancing whenever possible
  • Alder Bay dock: 1 boat team on the dock at a time
  • Burrard Compound shed: 
    • May be used to store backpacks, etc. during a practice but not longer
    • May be used for changing clothes – 1 person at a time
    • DO NOT store any personal belongings for longer than 1 practice, i.e. no iakos, personal pfds, etc.