False Creek Racing Canoe Club

A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island

Volunteer with FCRCC

Volunteer and become part of a community of like-minded, friendly and active individuals.

FCRCC is a volunteer-based club and heavily relies on its members to volunteer when there is a shout out for help. There is a 4-hour minimum requirement for all members to help out throughout a season, which is greatly appreciated!

Are you looking for ways to volunteer with FCRCC?

There are lots of ways that members can help out throughout the year with FCRCC!

Keep your eyes peeled on your weekly club newsletter, and our club Social Media pages for more information, as this is where the call outs will happen.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Basic year-round maintenance

  • Bailing water from the dragon boats after heavy rain or snowfall. This keeps our equipment in good condition and does not waterlog our boats. No one likes paddling or racing in a super heavy boat!
  • Tidying up the sheds and/or Burrard compound (sweeping, raking leaves, hanging up PFDs, tidying paddles, etc.)
  • Dragon Boat cleaning – Once in a while our boats grow some beards underneath which need to be ‘shaved’, so the boats need to come up onto the dock and be power washed, scraped, and scrubbed clean inside and out.  These boats are heavy, and more hands on deck makes light work.


  • FCRCC Regattas – Throughout the year FCRCC hosts regattas, and volunteer help is crucial to their success. Volunteers can help out as dock staff, post race results, maintain the grounds so that everything is clean and tidy, assist in the marshalling area, etc.
  • Club-run Time Trials – Volunteer roles include being lead or a backup timer for the heats, driving the safety boat, taking photographs, assisting members with boats, and helping clean up afterward.
  • Warm Water Huli Drills (In a pool during the winter months) – Our OC6s and OC1s need to be transported, and/or paddled to an indoor pool. As the OC6s are large and can’t fit through doors, they need to be de-rigged outside, and re-rigged inside the pool. These boats are heavy, and more hands-on deck makes light work.
  • Fun events – Random fun events that are held by FCRCC need volunteers in order to run! These can be seasonal races such as a Halloween race, Christmas lights paddle, Battle of the Boats, etc.
  • FCRCC Open House Paddle days – Anyone interested in trying out a dragon boat, kayak, or canoe is welcome to paddle! Club volunteers help organize everyone into boats, get waivers signed, fit all guest paddlers with PFDs, and help paddle the dragon boats to show everyone the proper technique as well as share the joys of paddling.


  • We are always looking for volunteer steerspeople to help out with adult, youth, and school programs
  • We will be asking for volunteer paddlers to assist with Introduction to Dragon Boat programs. On the water the new paddlers can follow these experienced paddlers and ask questions about the ins and outs of dragon boating.
  • Youth Spring and Summer Camps – FCRCC will be looking for volunteers to help run these camps. An experienced coach will be present at all times, but volunteer help is so appreciated.


  • If you have a good idea for a fundraiser, how about getting a group together and running one which will help the club? Be sure to send your brilliant idea to our Admin so that we may help support your idea!