About Us

Our program is for people interested in having fun while improving their outrigger racing skills and fitness. Anyone who is a full individual member of False Creek Racing Canoe Club (FCRCC) and has completed an introductory outrigger course such as the FCRCC Novice Outrigger Program, or who has equivalent outrigger experience, is welcome to join us.

Program Structure and Goals

FCRCC is a racing canoe club, so a focus of our program is training for races that happen mostly between March and Sept. We take part in races around Metro Vancouver, other parts of British Columbia, and Washington state.


We practice three times a week on Monday and Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, year-round. We paddle on English Bay on Sunday mornings and when daylight permits during the week. If our practices extend past sunset, we paddle in False Creek. The FCRCC outrigger compound is at the Burrard Civic Marina (Whyte Avenue, next to Vanier Park).


Outrigger canoeing is a team sport. The success and safety of a crew relies on the contributions of everyone in the boat. Paddling requires ongoing conditioning and consistent skill development so we work and communicate together to achieve blend and boat speed.

We ask people to commit to a minimum of two practices a week. For new paddlers, it is important to practice at least twice a week for the first year, because you have the most to learn and need to develop muscle memory specific to the outrigger stroke.


If you are an experienced outrigger paddler, you are welcome to come to a few practices to try us out.

Contact Us

For more information, or to sign up, please contact Ron Chin at: rchin@farris.com