False Creek Racing Canoe Club

A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island

Small Boat Orientations


All FCRCC club small boats require proper membership (Small Boat Access / All Boat Access) and orientation before anyone can use them, as each type requires a separate orientation. This ensures the paddler understands how to set it up and adjust it for their specific needs, as well as the safety requirements.

Flatwater Sprint canoes and Kayaks are not eligible to be used outside of coached sessions, please see Sprint Canoe and Kayak programs for more information.

Attending a Shed Orientation is mandatory, as this will ensure that if you do need a club canoe at some time, perhaps for a time trial, your Dragon Boat is full and a few paddlers need to go in OC1, or due to damage to your personal canoe, you will have ready access to club canoes.

All orientations are free and can be taken as many times as you need until you receive a pass. Passing will be up to the sole discretion of the person giving the orientation.

Boat use privileges may be suspended if a member is deemed to be unsafe, or handles a craft in a manner that could cause damage. They will be required to complete another orientation to restore privileges.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact our Programs Coordinator.

For New Paddlers

If you have no prior paddling experience, please check out our small boat programs for introduction courses. These will provide valuable paddling techniques, coaching from an experienced coach, as well as confidence when you next go for a paddle.

For New Paddlers to FCRCC who have prior experience in small boats

Please contact our Programs Coordinator for the best path to take to get you out on the water paddling as quickly as possible.

Contact the Program Coordinator

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Please fill out the following information and the Programs Coordinator will respond back to you with confirmation. There are multiple orientations pending what you are interested in learning.

In the case that the weather or unforeseen circumstances arise on the day of your orientation, an email will be sent to you to reschedule.

If you can not attend your orientation for any reason, please contact programs@fcrcc.com to let them know you will not be in attendance. It is then up to you to reschedule. 24 hours advance notice is needed!

Shed Orientation

This session is appx. 10-15 mins. To be able to participate in club small boat reservations, this shed orientation is MANDATORY for all paddlers with Small Boat / All Boat Access memberships.

C-Lion Orientation

Appx 45 mins. This is for experienced paddlers new to the club with prior experience ONLY. If a paddler has never been in an OC1 before, please sign up for the OC1 Intro course. A Huli drill is mandatory as well as a boat skills test in this orientation, please email prior to signing up for this for eligibility.

AllWave Mito Orientation

Appx 45 mins. This orientation is for those who have a MINIMUM OF 2 MONTHS of consistent paddling in C-lions with a good track record. Once you are ready to move into these high-performance canoes, an orientation goes over this canoe’s specific rigging as it is different than C-lions and a Huli is required the day of orientation!

V1 Orientation

Appx 45 mins. MUST have prior OC6 steering or V1 experience to be eligible for this orientation! If you have no experience yet, a V1 Introduction course will be required. No Huli is required, but a boat skills test will be required on water.

OC2 Orientations

Appx 20 mins. The club’s OC2 canoes are stored at Burrard and are part of the fleet of multi-person outrigger canoes available to OC6 teams during OC6 practices. Whether using these during a scheduled OC6 practice, or booking outside of OC6 practice times on Skedda, BOTH USERS require this orientation before use. All orientations are conducted at Burrard by the Outrigger Rep.

Surfski Orientations

Appx 45 mins. MUST have prior Surfski or Kayak experience to be eligible for this orientation! If you have no experience yet, an Introduction to Paddling course will be required. This orientation will include a shed orientation, a remount, and a boat skills test will be required on water.

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