A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island


We have two types of memberships:

Individual Membership

Individual memberships are for people interested in training for competitive racing in dragon boat, outrigger or flatwater.  Learn more.

Dragon Boat Teams

DB Team Memberships are for Dragon Boat teams wanting to use the Club’s Dragon Boats, and some of the small boats and other equipment, for practicing.  Learn more.

If you are an individual or small group looking to join a Dragon Boat team, please submit a request to join a team, or see the recruiting message board to find teams looking for paddlers.  You should also check out the team info of the many DB Teams who paddle out of FCRCC.

Full Member Dragon Boat Teams

DB teams whose members are all Individual Members of FCRCC may obtain practice slots by following the Full Member Dragon Boat Team Guidelines.