Marathon Canoe

About Marathon Canoe at FCRCC

Marathon Canoe is an excellent way to learn how to steer, understand the water and its effect on your boat, and train longer distances with less impact on joints.

Marathon Canoe is a racing discipline that can include 1-, 2-, 3- and 6- person light Kevlar or Graphite material canoes. Races are generally 2 hours plus, with many race opportunities available throughout BC.

FCRCC has five C-2 marathon training canoes. Access to the marathon canoes requires either a Small Boat or All Boat membership. To use our C-2 marathon canoe, find another paddler who is a club member and consider using a different boat design to improve your overall paddling skills!

To learn more about Marathon Canoes or if you wish to take part in an upcoming orientation or clinic, please contact our Program Coordinator by filling out the form below.

Marathon Canoe Clinics and Programs

Orientation and paddling clinics are available by request.   Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you to organize your training.

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