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Dragon Boat Group Clinics

Introductory Clinic for Schools, Corporate and Community Groups

False Creek Racing Canoe Club offers Introduction to Dragon Boat sessions to school, corporate and community groups. These sessions run for approximately 2 hours and provide the opportunity to experience the thrill of dragon boating with a team in a supervised and safe environment. The dragon boat experience is often a great way to develop and support team work. Participants will be provided with PFDs and paddles. There will be access to a steersperson and coach who will review basic safety and paddling skills.

Dragon boats hold 20 paddlers, 1 steersperson and a drummer/coach. The session usually consists of preparation time on land followed by paddling on the water. Groups with more than one boat have the opportunity to end the session with several races.

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Other Dragon Boat Clinics

Occasionally there will be drumming and other dragon boat clinics offered.
Check our registration program to see any current offerings.