FCRCC is offering a fun way for youth to stay active and cool in our Youth Summer Dragon Boat & Outrigger Canoe (6-Person) Camps!


This camp consists of a fun mix of both Dragon Boating (In the morning) and Outrigger Canoe (6-Person) in the afternoon of each day. There will be dry land games that develop fundamental movement skills, as well as paddling in the Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoes (6-Person) which will be on beautiful False Creek in a safe and fun environment. The camps are taught by our qualified coaches and consist of a lot of fun games and activities both on the water and off.

Dragon Boat Facts:

A Dragon Boat holds 20 paddlers, 1 Coach (or caller) at the front, and 1 Steersperson at the back of the boat standing up. Each seat has its unique role to play within the boat, which creates a really exciting and fun dynamic within the boat!

Outrigger Canoe (6-Person) Facts:

An outrigger canoe (OC6) holds 6 paddlers, and paddlers paddle on both sides switching about every 8-12 strokes. Each seat also has its unique role to play within the canoe from the stroke to the steers. This type of canoe is traditionally a Polynesian canoe with an Ama attached to the left side for added stability.

Do you think you’re up for the challenge to experience what each seat’s role is in both canoes, learn the stroke technique, make new friends, and be part of a fun Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe (6-Person) obstacle race to put everything you’ve learned to the test at the end of the camp?

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Dates and Times

Monday – Friday @ 9:00a – 3:00p

Camp 1: July 2 – 5 (4 Days *Canada Day Long Weekend*)
Camp 2: July 15 – 19 (5 Days)
Camp 3: July 29 – August 2 (5 Days)
Camp 4: August 12 – 16 (5 Days)

Daily Schedule

9:00a – 9:30a: Check-in (AT GRANVILLE ISLAND – 1318 Cartwright St)
9:30a – 12p: Dryland games and Dragon Boating paddling
12p – 1p: Lunch break (Everyone walks to the Burrard Location)
1:00p – 3:00p: Dryland games and Outrigger Canoe (6-Person) paddling
3:00p – 3:30p: Pick-up (AT BURRARD MARINE COMPOUND – 1628 Whyte Ave #1608)



Participant Age

Kids aged 10-15

Cost (GST Included)

**Early Bird (EB) Rate Ends on May 15th, 2024**

4 Day Camp: EB $356 | Regular $396
5 Day Camp: EB $445 | Regular $495


Min of 16, Max of 20 participants

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