The primary intent of this group is to race Mixed.

  • This group continues to be open to paddlers who want to race hard and can take on the responsibility of their own fitness.
  • Paddlers with high levels of paddling experience, strong blending abilities, and high-performance expectations are welcome to try out for this group.
  • We practice at least once a week together but would like to find 2 consistent time slots that our members can use for training.
  • There are no time trial requirements but members are encouraged to attend any club wide time trials, schedules permitting.
  • This group will race locally as much as possible and will be working towards an international race goal each year.
  • There is an understanding that there may be a need to go outside the group to fill seats for specific races. Other FCRCC members will be considered for any seats that become available.

Potential members of this group:

  • Should have 10+ years of paddling experience
  • Should have performed at the top level of the Men’s or women’s program or some other competitive paddling sport.
  • Should have international Iron and Change Race experience
  • MUST have the ability to blend with many different styles of stroke and be versatile in seats
  • Must come in with a fun attitude
  • Must be accepting of others schedule constraints.
  • Must maintain as high a level of fitness as possible by paddling on their own time and/or by cross-training and be honest with the group about their current fitness and abilities.
  • Are expected to help out with all FCRCC yard clean ups, boat loading/unloading as much as possible.

*There may be exceptions to some of these criteria on a case-by-case basis.