Paddlers and friends of False Creek: In 21 days, we’re launching into an ambitious campaign, and we need your help. Trust us, our success is to the benefit of every single person who paddles out of False Creek. The power to make this happen is in YOUR HANDS!
In the more than 30 years that this club has existed, our membership has seen huge growth, and we support every imaginable discipline of paddling. In our history, we’ve produced lifelong recreational paddlers and provincial, national and international champions. The one constant that has never changed, and never grown, however, is our Alder Bay dock. Now is the time to make our move.
On Oct. 10th, we’re launching an Aviva Community Fund campaign. Our ask of you? VOTE. With successful funding of a campaign for new docks, we can receive between $100k-$250k that will go toward the development of new, expanded, accessible dock space in Alder Bay.
We have over 1,000 members, and 200 sq feet of dock. This space does not meet the needs of our highly active members. Watch for more on this campaign in the coming days, but here’s the basics.
1. Register to be able to vote, here: (it’s only a couple of clicks). Do that now, and share our message.
2. Watch for our communications, and be inspired to vote. And share our messages!
3. When we say ‘Go’ on October, 10, VOTE, every day for 10 days, and SHARE this campaign!
The successful Aviva campaigns are those that are shared, and shared again!
Stay Tuned for more info!