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Dragon boat Drummer’s clinic – March 15, 2020

  CALLING all drummer’s, steers and coaches.!!!! Do you want to take your team to the next level, have them win more races or be more consistent and competitive in their current division? Having a competent drummer will help your team do just that. Susan Mott; 4 x Canadian National Team Drummer, FCRCC Premier Drummer and women’s steers has taken her experience both on the National and International racing stage and put together a Drummer’s Clinic. Susan is a multinational and world champion. She has won gold and medal’d in every distance that she has drummed on both the Canadian National Team […]

Burrard compound Activity – Thank you to our club volunteers

This week’s storms have seen the famous ICEBREAKER race cancelled due to ICE.  January storms have left their mark at the Burrard compound as well.  Not to miss a stroke, here we find the Kupunas practicing their best technique preparing for the Na Pali Challenge race later this year.  Shovels UP!  Thank you so much for jumping in and making a difference!  

Clearing snow from our club boats

Thanks to Susan, Sally and everyone that has been out in our snowdrifts and clearing snow from the dragon boats.  The snow and ice can potentially cause a lot of damage to boats.  Also a big thank you to Patti and everyone who has been busy clearing snow and ice from the outrigger boats.  That is so helpful.  A quick reminder when you are putting down salt, try to keep the salt away from the base of the trees.    

Herring Conservation in False Creek by The Squamish Streamkeepers Society.

Herring Conservation in False Creek by The Squamish Streamkeepers Society. Inspiring knowledge. This short video brings historical context to the waters plied by the First Nations long before first contact, to the waters that nourished and sustained the First Nations people, and later created jobs and prosperity for the commercial fisheries. There is a message about the Circle of Life which will intrigue FCRCC members.  We will have a connection to the waters on which we paddle and the life cycles which thrive under our boats. There is a resurgence of bait in local waters. 2019 marks the 7th annual […]

Parking reminder – Burrard compound

We have seen cars parked in the Burrard Outrigger Compound this past week. No cars are to be parked in the compound. The City will ticket any cars parked on the outside strip. Parking is a challenge but that is what is, make sure you plan for additional time if nearby parking is not available. The compound area is not a last-minute option.    

Bailing club boats

Thank you to all of the members and teams that have been bailing our club boats.  The winter has not yet started so we will have a few more boats to bail!  Don’t forget about the OC6 boats as well.  The aprons are not water proof so the rain does seep into the boats..  Please bail the Outrigger boats as well as the Dragon boats. Here we have captured a few members from Off Balance and O2P out bailing the dragon boats prior to the reindeer paddle.

OC1 Huli recovery – December 14, 2019

A few brave souls took the opportunity to complete their OC1 huli recovery drill in the frigid waters of Alder Bay on Saturday.  FCRCC will be hosting an indoor Huli Recovery drill at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre in February.  Be sure to sign  up early as space is filling fast.

Reindeer paddle at Alder Bay

Saturday morning saw Alder Bay dock fill with enthusiastic paddlers attired in reindeer antlers and lots of red and white costumes.  There was lots of singing and laughter at a Reindeer paddle organized by O2P, Abreast on a Boat and Off Balance.  This was followed by a small feast dockside.  A good time was had by all.  All the best of the season to everyone!  Here are a few pictures of the happy paddlers.  

English Bay Beach Clean up – December 14th

From our environmental awareness program.  This is the last English Bay Beach Clean up of the year.  FCRCC supports this event.  If you are available, this is a good place to be. To register: Where: English Bay Beach, Beach Avenue, Downtown Vancouver When: 11am – 1pm, December 14th (our last clean of 2019!) Who: All ages are free to attend What to bring: Warm/appropriate clothing (waterproof jacket and shoes, gloves, ugly sweater!), water, snacks, and if you have your own picker and bucket please feel free to bring them