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Implementing the BC Provincial Health order – November 20, 2020

Implementing the BC Provincial Health order – November 20, 2020 In response to the BC Provincial Health order and direction issued yesterday, the FCRCC is adopting the following procedures: All OC-6 practices, and the Senior C and Premier teams’ non-coached workouts, are cancelled until December 7. OC1s, Marathon canoes, V1s, Surfski, and private boats remain accessible to members at this time. In the Burrard Compound, it is even more important that you do not socialize. Any type of socializing in the compound is a high risk of being in violation of these orders in addition to being a health risk. […]

FCRCC Club gear at Oddball Marketplace website – in time for Christmas

FCRCC Club Gear Did you miss your chance to update your paddling wardrobe? Looking to purchase Christmas gifts with club branded apparel? Now is your chance – For the next week, we invite you to check out our personal Oddball Marketplace website For each pandemic tee and mask sale, a few dollars come back to the Club.  The money raised will be added to our Athlete’s Fund which supports club members when they compete under the Club banner or as a Team Canada athlete at international competitions. Order and pay for your items online.  Two to three weeks after the marketplace website closes November 23rd,pickups will […]

COVID19 Updates

COVID Updates: While we understand that Dr. Bonnie Henry’s health orders issued on Saturday, do not require us to stop our current activities, we encourage each member to be very cautious and carefully consider their social activities outside of paddling and balance that with their desire to be on the water either in small boats or OC6 over the next 2 weeks.   Should the Provincial Health Officers orders change which would impact our operations, we will inform the members as soon as possible. The Provincial Health Officer’s recent orders prohibit travel between the Vancouver Coastal Health Region and the Fraser […]

Boat reservation system

***Club Boat’s Reservation System for next week will begin to open at approximately 10:00 am this Wednesday.  FCRCC Boat Reservation System*** Club Boats Reservation Schedule Changes: Per recommendations received from some of our members, we will be making another change to the reservation schedule. Time slots that would have members paddling in the dark will now be upgraded to have 4 boats available. By combining two 2-boat sessions into one, it would allow for more paddlers to be on the water at the same time and could keep an eye on each other or even paddle together. Revised schedule is […]

FCRCC Halloween Pumpkin Relay

FCRCC Halloween Pumpkin Relay The Great Halloween Pumpkin relay took place on Saturday, October 31st.  There was participation from all our club programs with a strong showing from the Youth Flatwater group.  A great day to be on the water.  Congratulations to all the planners, volunteers and participants.   Stay tuned for our club video to fully cover this event.  Great job!  Great fun!

Time trials results – 5km November 7, 2020

Winter Series – 5km time trials – November 7th There was a great turn out for the 5km time trial held this Saturday.  A big thank you to all the participants and volunteers that made this possible.  Here are the results and a few photos from this event.  Exciting to have so many enthusiastic paddlers out!   Time trial results:  Click here

OC6 paddles commences again under strict COVID rules

OC6 paddling re-started on Saturday, November 7th.  Womens and Mens Outrigger (WMO)  were the first OC6 cohort back out in English Bay.  Prior to launching, WMO rigged two canoes. The launching of our OC6 boats with their fixed cohorts is a result of a tremendous amount of work led by Cathy Marr, our Outrigger Representative.  It is made possible by the work of the various Cohort leaders and members who have worked behind the scenes to prepare our boats, prepare our processes and who have followed the COVID19 protocols to adhere to Public Health and paddling organization rulings.  We are […]

OC1 Hukis in storage for the winter

OC-1 UPDATE: Where have all the hukis gone……. The Huki’s will all be stored away for the winter. The reason for this is with the colder weather with continual cooling and heating cycles that occurs each day, the ever present stress fractures in the hulls are expanding creating leaks. Being a carbon boat which is used constantly, this boat construction needs extra care. Over this year Susan Mott our Equipment Rep,  has spent many hours fixing de-lamination.  To ensure our Hukis will survive for paddling another day,  we need to not use them during the winter season. This will leave […]

FCRCC – what is happening at our compounds?

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation: The club continues to work with CMHC as we look to rebuild the East Shed. CMHC has slowed the approval process significantly putting off our start to deconstruct/ construct dates by at least a year. CMHC are in the throes of yet another study on building resources which is slowing down the rebuild, but not the opportunity to continue to fund raise. Moving into 2021 we will need to increase our pressure on CMHC to recognize our club, recognize the significant numbers of FCRCC paddlers and others that we provide affordable recreation to, in order […]

The 2020 FCRCC Annual General Meeting is postponed to January 18, 2021.

The 2020 FCRCC Annual General Meeting is postponed to January 18, 2021. Reasons: The Executive has received numerous suggestions regarding membership fees for the upcoming year. We want to acknowledge and thank those who have provided feedback so far. Understanding that our current fee structure may not be in the best format, given current conditions, the Executives would like to develop a sustainable solution that would be beneficial for both our members and our club. Our plan is to use this postponement to give ourselves time to strike a subcommittee and involve key representatives from the membership (see below) in […]